Marijuana Defense

For over 20 years I have been advocating for Marijuana users.  While many states have legalized marijuana use, Pennsylvania has not.  Many areas in PA vigorously prosecute even the smallest amount of possession of Marijuana.  I am someone that knows how to defend these cases.  I have gotten many cases thrown out because the police perform illegal searches and seizures.  The police will tell you that they smell marijuana even know he or she don't.  Then they want to search your car.  These cases should be fought. 

If you are charged with a small amount of marijuana you should call right away.  My goal is to keep this off your record.  I can do that in most cases and you won't have a conviction of any felonies or misdemeanors or go to jail or be on probation.

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In order for a police officer to be able to lawfully seize evidence, it must be readily and apparent criminal in nature.  What does that mean?  That vaping pen or device is used for legal substances.  The police can't just take it to find out if it contains an illegal substance.  If they do, the evidence will be suppressed.

Some clients get charged when they were only in a car or room that had drugs in it. This is called Constructive Possession. Fight this case! They have to prove more than that you were just in the car or room.

Police often over charge with Possession with the Intent to Deliver. They will charge you with this if you have multiple packets of drugs. They need to show more. Just because you have a case of Pepsi, doesn’t mean you are selling Pepsi. That’s how it is sold for personal consumption. The same idea controls for drug possession.

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