Traffic Ticket Defense

Fight that ticket!

Don't you hate when you see flashing lights in your rear view mirror?  My job is to fix it.

Many traffic citations carry point, suspension, and some even carry jail time.  Do not just plead guilty to it until you know what the penalty is.

You may think you are guilty and nothing can be done.  I have helped thousands of people just like you.  Don't lose your license, let me fight for it!

If you have pled guilty it may not be too late.  You can appeal the ticket even if you pled guilty.  You must do this soon though.

  • Driving While Suspended DUI related carries mandatory jail time!  1543(b)
  • Too many Driving While Suspended will carry jail time too.
  • Reckless Driving and Racing on Highways carries a 6 month suspension.
  • Over Taking a School Bus carries a 60 day suspension and 5 points.
  • Speeding can carry a license suspension.
  • Driving with a Suspended Registration carries a 3 month license suspension.

Some officers don't issue tickets right away.  For whatever reason they wait.  If they file the citation more than 30 days after the incident, you should be found not guilty.

The police now scan license plates to find out information about you.  They want to know if the car is registered, if the owner is licensed, etc.  Just because they find out the owners license is suspended, doesn't mean they are allowed to pull you over.  This can be won.

Many people call me and question what I can do.  After all, they are guilty.  These are my favorite cases.  I can almost always come up with a better resolution then you pleading guilty.  Whether you are guilty or not, has no relevance as to what I can do for you.